Get Involved

These are just a few suggestions–feel free to do what you want to do to increase awareness and understanding during Autoinflammatory Awareness Month!

Please watch our official 2021 International Autoinflammatory Awareness Month video and share it widely to raise awareness, understanding and hope!

The official International Autoinflammatory Awareness Month video was created by Will & Chris Kinchlea, and autoinflammatory patient advocates, and Joe Long from Canada to help increase awareness for these diseases.
The official video with Spanish Subtitles is at this link. The official video with Ukrainian Subtitles is at this link.

Watch the programs with expert doctors and patient advocates from various parts of the world, and patient organizations speaking on autoinflammatory diseases from our 2021 patient programs.
Video link to to watch the August 7th patient program is here, with closed captioning.

Video link to watch the August 28th patient program is here, with closed captioning.

We have audio recordings in French, Spanish, Ukrainian, and Russian for the translation.

Enjoy these short videos featuring the building lightings around the world for International Autoinflammatory Awareness Month:

Kansas City, MO at Union Station, and Children’s Mercy hospital.

Building lightings in various locations in Barcelona, Spain and elsewhere in Spain.

Video from the “Shine a Light for Autoinflammatory Diseases” campaign submitted by patients and medical professionals worldwide, sharing their messages to increase awareness and support to others globally.

The “We are More” video features patients doing things that they love, and can do, thanks to being diagnosed and on beneficial treatments, and is very inspiring.

If you have a just few minutes to raise awareness:
Change your facebook frame to show your support for International Autoinflammatory Awareness Month. (Go to our Downloads page to find more facebook frame options from other sources too.)

Go to this page to ger ready to “Shine a Light for Autoinflammatory Diseases” and help share awareness wherever you are! We have an amazing awareness kit, sign and glow bracelets, temporary tattoos, luminarias and more, and a sign you can use to share a photo or video (15-20 seconds) to upload to be shown at our final patient program on August 28th online. Learn more and get involved.

-Click here to order your “Shine a Light for Autoinflammatory Diseases” awareness kit.
-Post anything you find interesting on our Facebook or Twitter Autoinflammatory Awareness Month pages to raise awareness to your social circles, and use the #shine4autoinflammatory hashtag, or ad some others listed below.

“Shine a Light” Autoinflammatory Awareness Month Kit

Download and print out some of our awareness graphics and take a photo, and post it onto social media. Upload your photos or videos to our secure dropbox so we can put them in our awareness month social media and closing ceremony program on August 28th, and use the #shine4autoinflammatory hashtag too.

Hashtags to use:

#hope4SAID (SAID means “systemic autoinflammatory disease”)

Or come up with your own! Please share it with us too-it is fun to see the creativity in our patient community.

You can request buildings to be lit up orange in August for International Autoinflammatory Awareness month in your area. Here is a template example for an email or letter. On our events page, you can see where buildings will be lit in the world, especially in Valencia, Spain this year.

-Send us a message in our Contact Us page to sign up for updates for the month.

Make sure to also show your support your favorite autoinflammatory and/or rare disease charities!
-Visit their site, and social media sites to get involved, and learn more about their initiatives.

If you have less than an hour:
-Contact your elected officials and share with them about the need to support research for rare autoinflammatory diseases, improve access to treatments, and genetic testing and share your story about life with an autoinflammatory disease (or that of a loved one.)
For more suggestions on how to reach out to elected officials in the US, visit this page.

-Reach out to a friend or family member that has an autoinflammatory disease, and ask them about it, and what they would like you to know about life with an autoinflammatory disease.

More than an hour:
-Write, or make some art or other item that helps you to express life with an autoinflammatory disease, and share it with friends, family or online.

Learn more about autoinflammatory diseases by visiting these sites:
PRINTO introduction to autoinflammatory diseases, and disease-specific information for patients and caregivers (available in many languages.)
-International Society of Systemic Auto-inflammatory Diseases (ISSAID) resources for medical professionals, and also a growing list of resources for patients and caregivers here.

Autoinflammatory Boot Camp video series on youtube, taken from the 2nd NIH-WRNMMC Autoinflammatatory and Immunedysregulatory Symposium from 2019 is a family-friendly site with info, and even online storybooks for kids. “Where to Start” for learning about autoinflammatory diseases (periodic fever syndromes) and also read about how these diseases are different from autoimmune diseases here. also features talks from the 2018 Boston Children’s Autoinflammatory Disease Lifestyle and Wellness Patient workshop. Medical search database to compare autoinflammatory diseases (with rash images-medically edited and geared to those with medical terminology).

-Attend one of the virtual events online in honor of Autoinflammatory Awareness Month.

-If you have a favorite autoinflammatory disease charity, and want to make a donation or do a fundraiser during Autoinflammatory Awareness Month, that would be greatly appreciated!

-Visit our friends at The Flying Lifeguards on Facebook to share some of their adorable graphics and memes, and awareness graphics on social media that are dedicated to Autoinflammatory Disease Awareness.